Our Favorite Farmhouse Exteriors That Show Off the Timeless Look


Modern farmhouse style has evolved over the past decade to become as timeless as ranch, Colonial, Tudor, and midcentury modern architecture. Farmhouse exteriors typically include board-and-batten, paneling, and clean lines that combine for an informal and warm facade. While farmhouse exteriors often lean towards country style, they can also have a minimalist, contemporary look, depending on the paint colors, wood treatment, and windows. These examples of farmhouse style each have a unique twist on this all-American aesthetic. Read on to be inspired to update your farmhouse exterior for an inviting home.

Modern Twist

Anthony Masterson

Although this Tennessee home is only a few years old, its farmhouse exterior possesses all the character of a centuries-old structure. Tall, wood-cased windows and a pitched metal roof topped with a cupola create an unmistakable country look. The black front door and window trim deliver modern contrast against whitewashed brick and board-and-batten siding.

Urban Country

Mark Lohman

A total renovation turned this dreary barn into a dream farm-style house with a rustic vibe. Reclaimed wood siding, unusual window shapes, and a hedge fence make this structure a unique design in Orange County, California. The new windows and features give an otherwise weathered farmhouse exterior a modern look.

New Meets Old

James Nathan Schroder

This historic Austin farmhouse includes the original 565-square-foot structure—now the front entry—and a two-story addition. Board-and-batten siding and a metal roof honor the farmhouse architecture that was there before renovations started. At the same time, dark wood-clad windows and posts introduce a taste of modern flair. Landscaping throughout the front yard is built to endure intense Texas heat.

Eco-Friendly Finishes

Kritsada Panichgul

This earth-friendly farmhouse combines form and function in a modern industrial style. Airtight insulation, efficient geothermal heating and cooling, and new metal roofing transformed the 1980s structure. Additions of efficient metal-clad windows and insulated doors had an equal influence on the home’s farmhouse exterior.

Southern Coastal Charm

Brie Williams

The owners of this white farmhouse built it from the ground up. Horizontal fence slats give the cozy front porch modern styling. Sliding barn-style doors layer on the country charm while offering privacy for the pool—visible through the home’s center hall. Details such as exposed rafters and board-and-batten shutters add authentic coastal charm.

Salvaged by Design

Brian McWeeney

An 1840s farmhouse was beaten down and abandoned until one builder got his hands on it for a much-needed makeover. His clients wanted to hold on to the rustic elements, so his team rebuilt the house from the ground up using disassembled pieces from the original structure. The large 1,600-square-foot farmhouse now welcomes family and friends to the acreage as a guest cottage. Chipped wood, traditional windows, and a wraparound porch supply this modern farmhouse exterior with plenty of country charm.

California Country

Kim Cornelison

These homeowners softened the look of their California home by whitewashing the red brick paver path leading up to their front door and painting the dark brown exterior white. Matte black trim and a matching door and sconces create high-definition architecture. Palm trees and tropical plants provide a striking contrast to the white farmhouse exterior.

Living Green

Brian McWeeney

After consulting with her builder, the owner of this colorful farmhouse framed in the original front door, situated on the side of the home, and built a portico to welcome guests into a new street-facing entry. A warm palette of mossy green and sage balanced with cream differentiates the house from the surrounding beige builds. The picket fence painted the same color as the home is a subtle but stylish nod to classic farmhouse exterior style.

Living the Dream

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

The owners of this symmetrical stunner brought the epitome of country farmhouse living to the ‘burbs with the home’s wraparound porch. Decorated with wicker chairs and an outdoor bar, it has everything they need to enjoy the simple life. A mix of classic colonial and bay windows adds country character while carving out cozy interior nooks.

Midwest Makeover

Werner Straube

When a former interior designer and his partner laid eyes on this 1900 farmhouse in Michigan, they knew what they wanted to do. Their design plan was to create a welcoming, vintage-style home filled with sweet, storied finds. Thanks to potted plants and antique market treasures, the modern farmhouse porch is as much of a collector’s paradise as the inside. The expansive garden makes the tin-roofed oasis even more inviting.

Mixed Materials

Rett Peek

This Little Rock, Arkansas, home combines traditional building materials like stucco, whitewashed brick, and hardwood to create an eclectic, custom-built farmhouse exterior. The sunflower yellow on the front door adds personality and warmth to the home and helps bring the farmhouse exterior colors together.

Contemporary Country Charm

Brie Williams

This 1,730-square-foot modern farmhouse blends contemporary minimalism with country charm. Grille-free windows and an asymmetrically sloped roof offer of-the-moment structure, while board-and-batten siding and a wraparound porch layer on homey touches. Simple stone pavers beckon guests through the gate, where a bright splash of lime green greets them at the door.

Color-Happy Colonial

Anthony Masterson

This farmhouse exterior is brimming with curb appeal (and Colonial accents). A manicured garden lines the brick foundation while pops of turquoise blue adorn the porch’s rocking chairs and latticed storm door. Metal farmhouse sconces and black window trim give what could have been a cutesy cottage a contemporary twist.

Backyard Barn

Eclipse Corp.

This family wanted to expand their outdoor living and storage space, so they built this two-story barn on their 5-acre property in Ohio. It was constructed of reclaimed materials from a dilapidated 1890s Mennonite cattle barn the couple found a few towns over. They dismantled, moved, redesigned, and rebuilt the structure to craft a beautiful countryside farmhouse and what is today the perfect spot for relaxing and entertaining.

Classic Form

Werner Straube

A quintessential farmhouse with a stone foundation, wide porch, and board-and-batten siding gains modern appeal with a pitched metal roof and clean lines. Large pavers incorporated into the landscaping invite guests to the charming front entry.

Feeling Blue

Kritsada Panichgul

This 1840s farmhouse in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, took nearly 20 years of gradual renovations to become what it is today. The farmhouse exterior color palette of navy blue, sky blue, and white hints at coastal cottage appeal but doesn’t distract from the charm of the wood-clad windows and metal roof. Upcycled rubble from outbuildings was stacked to create an eco-friendly stone wall, which helped bring the neglected grounds back to life.

Lovely Layers

Kritsada Panichgul

With its white facade, this modern farmhouse might look simple, but it has a lot going on. Exterior cladding shifts from board-and-batten siding to lap siding to cedar shake, and two roof materials—shingles and metal—give the house the appearance of age and history. Tall peaks in the roofline make the kids’ rooms above the porch feel larger and brighter, thanks to clerestory windows.

Rustic Barn Revival

John Gruen

This gabled-roof gem is reminiscent of a restored barn. It relies on faded wood panels for its rustic farmhouse exterior. Stacked windows in black, gray, and sage create contrast while also letting in plenty of natural light—a common element found in modern farmhouses. Not so modern is the second front door, the addition of which dates back to early 19th-century farmhouse design!

House Blend

John Merkl

The owner of this black-and-white home wanted her farmhouse exterior to nod to her passions as a winemaker. It had to carry classic charm—much like a sweet Riesling—but also needed unexpected moments. Modern farmhouse decor, like copper accents and terra-cotta planters, brings life to the front entry, while stained cement stairs welcome guests inside. Grille-free windows outlined in nearly black provide modern contrast without looking too stark.


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