Interior Designing Career: Top 10 career options in Interior Designing in India |

Interior designing in India has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity and demand, leading to a myriad of career opportunities for creative minds. Pursuing a career in this field requires a blend of creativity, technical skills, and a strong understanding of design principles.
From residential spaces to commercial projects, the field of interior design offers a plethora of exciting avenues for individuals seeking a career that blends artistic expression with functionality.Here are the top 10 career options within interior designing in India.
Residential Interior Designer
This role involves creating captivating living spaces that harmonize aesthetics with the client’s preferences and lifestyle. Residential interior designers work on homes, apartments, and personal spaces, employing their creativity to transform interiors into functional and visually appealing environments.
Commercial Interior Designer
Focussed on designing functional spaces for businesses, commercial interior designers work on offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. They incorporate branding elements, ergonomic designs, and efficient space utilization to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the workspace.
Furniture Designer
Designing innovative and functional furniture pieces is an integral aspect of interior designing. Furniture designers create unique and aesthetically pleasing pieces that complement various interior styles while considering aspects like comfort, material selection, and manufacturing processes.
Set Designer
With the entertainment industry booming in India, set designers play a pivotal role in creating captivating environments for films, television shows, theaters, and events. They bring scripts and concepts to life by designing sets that reflect the narrative and ambiance required.
Exhibition Designer
Exhibitions and trade shows require strategic design elements to showcase products and brands effectively. Exhibition designers conceptualize and create immersive and engaging spaces that attract visitors and convey brand messages effectively.
Lighting Designer
Lighting is a crucial element in interior design, influencing the ambiance and functionality of a space. Lighting designers focus on creating optimal lighting schemes that enhance the visual appeal and functionality of interiors, considering factors like natural light, artificial lighting, and energy efficiency.
Sustainable Interior Designer
As sustainability gains prominence globally, there’s a rising demand for interior designers who specialize in creating eco-friendly and sustainable spaces. They focus on utilizing renewable materials, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable design practices to minimize environmental impact.
Kitchen and Bathroom Designer
Specializing in designing functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchens and bathrooms, these designers focus on optimizing space, storage solutions, and fixtures while maintaining a balance between style and functionality.
Colour Consultant
Colours significantly influence the ambiance and perception of a space. Colour consultants specialize in selecting appropriate colour palettes that complement the architectural design, lighting, and overall aesthetics of interiors.
Freelance Interior Designer
Many professionals opt for a freelance career, offering their services independently to clients. Freelancers have the flexibility to choose their projects, set their schedules, and work across various domains within interior designing.
Skills Required to be an Interior Designer
Academic qualifications from reputed institutes offering interior design courses equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in these diverse career paths. Moreover, staying updated with the latest trends, technological advancements, and software proficiency such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Adobe Suite are essential in this dynamic field. Networking with industry professionals, gaining practical experience through internships, and showcasing a strong portfolio significantly enhance career prospects in interior designing.
Top Recruiters for Interior Designers
Interior designers have a wide range of career options in India. The top recruitment agencies include architectural firms, retailers, business houses, interior design firms, construction companies, set designing firms, event management institutes, hospitals, educational institutes and resorts and restaurants.
Average Salary of an Interior Design
Salaries in the field of interior design are subject to several factors such as the company, expertise, location, and the individual’s experience. Typically, a novice interior designer might expect an average annual salary of approximately INR 2 lakhs. Mid-level professionals tend to earn around INR 4 to 5 lakhs per year, while those with extensive experience or at a senior level can command salaries ranging from 7 to 9 lakhs per annum.


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