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Whether you worked from home long before the pandemic, never returned to the office, or are now living the hybrid life, you know that the right digs can make all the difference. It’s no wonder many of us are on the hunt for genius home office ideas.

“As more people work from home, having a designated home office space is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity,” says Kelly Simcox, the head of global Design at Interface/FLOR. “It is equally important that a home office space embraces the comfort of home while also providing a space that encourages concentration and productivity.”

Figuring out that delicate balance can feel like—dare we say it—work. To help you get your creative juices flowing, interior design experts and other pros and professional organizers rolled up their sleeves and curated their best home office design ideas to inspire you. From modern decor to tricks for getting the most out of a small space, these office ideas for home will have you feeling comfortable and productive at the same time.

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80 Home Office Ideas for an Organized and Creative Workspace

1. Embrace what you’ve got

Sasha Bikoff Interior Design

A gray chair and a long, transparent desk are juxtaposed perfectly with printed wallpaper. “This is a home office that is both functional and stylish,” says Sasha Bikoff of Sasha Bikoff Interior Design. “Being that it’s in a home, it was important that it worked with the rest of the house.”

2. Dual-function design


Home offices may require multi-functional space, such as a bedroom-office hybrid. Enter Murphy beds. 

“These transformable beds enable homeowners to effortlessly convert a home office into a guest room in just a few minutes, without the hassle of rearranging the entire space,” says Dominique Bonet, the lead designer at LD&D who dreamt up this home office for a client living in a four-bedroom apartment within the Armani Residence tower in Florida. “The real genius of Murphy beds lies in their dual functionality. By day, these spaces serve as offices, featuring clean, orderly layouts that are conducive to productivity. By night, they transform into comfortable bedrooms, ideal for rest and relaxation.”

3. Cover-up

Photographer Mary Pat Collins, Designer Erica Peale Design

Houzz predicts that offices designed to hide cords and equipment will be one of the top home design trends of 2024. Anne Colby, a Houzz home design expert, notes that sleek built-in units, as exemplified in this project by Erica Peale Design, conceal these unsightly features, creating a sleek, functional and homey space.

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4. Asymmetrical artistry

Photographer Natalia Robert

While balance can be a focal point, all things need not be equal.

“This modern, asymmetrical built-in floated desk visually creates a more spacious feel,” says Megan Siason of M Studio Interior Design.

5. Unexpected upgrades

ASAP Restoration

Brandon Walker, the superintendent of ASAP Restoration, recently helped a client—a social worker with a large caseload and a small space with little privacy—transform a laundry room into a home office. Yes, seriously. He took down a small wall and added a door so she had privacy to video conference into courts when needed. 

6. High-end hideaway

Photographer Dror Baldinger

Some say the ability to work from home is a luxury. This space certainly supports that idea.

“The comfortable design of a high-end Italian lounge chair, the luxurious texture of a wool rug and custom cabinetry and bookshelves come together to make this home office a peaceful sanctuary within the busy household,” says Laura Britt, the principal of Britt Design Group.

7. Muted muse

Photographer Ryann Ford

Sometimes, staying muted is best (just like on Zoom calls). 

“A natural, luxe, calming color palette combined with the custom bespoke furnishings and art brings elegance and rustic…together in this home office,” Britt says. 

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8. Lofty ideas

Photographer Clay Grier

This small loft home office, designed by Michele Lorenz, the principal of Ashby Collective, remains organized with tons of storage, such as shelves built into the desk. The tall, trim unit with drawers and shelves leaves ample room for paperwork, books and decor. 

9. Island time

Concept 2 Design

Ah, the beauty of working from home and designing your own space. You can combine work with play by creating an aesthetic that draws on tropical motifs, like plants, small trinkets and photos from the last time you took PTO. This space, designed by Erika C. Soza-Mejia, the principal interior designer and owner of Concept 2 Design, accomplishes just that.

10. Get clarity


The last thing you want is to rummage through necessary paperwork during a big meeting.

“Clear bins and drawers easily sort all of your necessary paperwork and work supplies, keeping them within reach but not in the way,” says Danielle Dorn, mDesign’s vice president of design and creative. “Accessorize your desk with lighting, a laptop riser, and a dry-erase calendar to look as organized as possible, even when life gets a little disorganized. With each of these adorable products that easily slot into your space, you’ll be looking forward to sitting down at your desk every morning.”

11. A world away

Photographer Become Legendary (House of One Owns All Rights)

Brittany Farinas, the CEO and creative director of House of One in Miami, and her team designed this Spanish Mediterranean-inspired-meets-contemporary home office. The approach? To create a space that exuded refined masculinity. Every detail was carefully curated to balance functionality with elegance.

“Natural light cascades through three large arched windows, illuminating the room and accentuating the textures and finishes,” Farinas says. “A spacious desk, crafted from solid oak, provides an expansive workspace for our client.” 

Bookshelves flank both sides of the room, adding richness to the space and serving as a spot to display curated accessories that Farinas says showcase “a harmonious blend of old and new.”

12. Green and serene

Become Legendary (House of One Owns All Rights)

Work can be stressful, but your space can set the mood.

“With a deep understanding of our client’s desire for tranquility within their home office, we embarked on designing a modern contemporary space that would serve as a sanctuary,” Farinas says. Drawing inspiration from the principles of nature and mindfulness, we introduced a striking green advent wall as the centerpiece of the design.”

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13. Bold boundaries


One of the pitfalls of working from home is the blurred lines between “work” and “life.” Creating (literal) boundaries can help you ensure you close the book on the workday when you close your laptop.

“Consider transforming a closet into a cloffice for a compact home office,” suggests Jennifer Renaud, the senior vice president and CMO of Masonite. “To maximize space, maintain privacy and conceal office clutter, consider adding a sliding barn door to separate work from home.”

Renaud says handy types can install these doors in a DIY project. Their styles range from contemporary to rustic, so they can blend with your home’s aesthetic.

14. Office for two

Leslie Williams Interior Design

Leslie Williams of Leslie Williams Interior Design designed this home office for a professional and assistant.

“This working office for two includes a storage desk with drawers for the principal and a see-through glass desk for the assistant,” Williams says. “This extra workstation adds the workspace for another person without making the room feel heavy or cluttered due to the transparent nature of the desk. There is even an extra third chair for a guest or client to visit.”

15. Against conventional wisdom

Resource Furniture

Challie Stillman, the vice president of creative at Resource Furniture, says stationary furniture can make a room feel smaller. He suggests adding a sofa wall bed if you have a studio apartment. Converting it can serve as a physical and mental mindset shift when work begins and ends.

16. Set an intention

Resource Furniture

Multi-functional spaces need not be split down the middle. Think intentionally.

“It’s about allocating your space according to how you’ll use it,” Stillman says.

If you only work from home once per week but constantly need a spare bedroom, a small desk in a corner with vertical storage can keep a room from feeling too busy.

17. Pops of personality

Photographer Eric Piasecki

Even a tiny space can be transformed into a home office that’s big on you.

“This office is a small space that used to be a closet,” says Gideon Mendelson, the founder and creative director of Mendelson Group. To strike a balance, Mendelson added graphic wallpaper and balanced that with a monochromatic scheme.

18. Electric looks

Heat & Glo

Mike Swanson, a fireplace design expert with Heat & Glo, says wall-mount electric fireplaces blend an art-like element with a warm, cozy ambiance for a home office.

19. Shine on

Gale Sitomer Designs

“We think it’s really important to make sure a home office has great lighting, with natural light being preferential,” says Cara Velten, a partner of Gale Sitomer Designs based in NYC. “More and more, it’s also important to think about what is visible during a Zoom call. A lot of our clients like artwork that can be used as a conversation starter as well.”

20. Musical chairs

Gale Sitomer Designs

Even if you’re the only person who steps foot in your home office, be sure to have a couple of seating options.

“Other than the obvious desk and shelving, we always incorporate more comfortable seating, whether that’s a sofa or a lounge chair,” Velten says. “It’s nice to have an alternative to your desk to sit and take a call.”

21. Overhead

Photographer Natalia Robert

Another (gentle) reminder to ensure lighting is good in the era of video calls.

“Sure, a desk lamp could offer some illumination,” says Siason. “However, overhead lighting in the form of upper cabinet puck lights or decorative lights above could allow for a proper, well-lit home office. This home office design incorporated both—puck lights beneath a floating shelf with picture lights anchored above on the cabinet soffit.”

22. Coastal cool

Photographer Natalia Robert

“A combination of cabinetry and open shelving with a pop of color can provide a wonderful visual dynamic to a home office space,” Siason says. “A lighter palette of white cabinets are accentuated by a lighted, wood-framed open shelf accented with glass tile reminiscent of sea glass, appropriate for the coastal location.”

23. Transitions

Photographer Jacob Hand Photography

This space used the expertise of Interior Design Partnership, LLC and Melichar Architects. It leaned into a cozy-meets-masculine aesthetic. Because it doubled as a primary suite sitting room, it also needed to be transitional—can you feel how comfy those chairs are from your screen? Mission accomplished. 

24. Hard knock life

DesignWell Interiors/FLOOR360

DesignWell Interiors and FLOOR360 partnered for this project.

“Hardwood flooring is a great option for home office spaces, especially if that same flooring carries throughout the rest of the house,” says Autumn Stankovsky, a FLOOR360 interior designer. “In the past, homeowners would design home offices that diverge from the rest of the home’s style, but that’s not often the case anymore. The flooring, custom desk and cabinetry, as well as accessories selected by the design company, DesignWell Interiors, helped achieve home design consistency between the home office and other areas of the home.”

25. Pick your pocket

Photographer Bjorg Magnea

This small kitchen “cloffice” ensures snacks are never far from reach.

“For this Upper West Side kitchen, we designed a closet office just off of the kitchen,” says Philip Consalvo, AIA, the principal of PJCArchitecture. 

Two pocket doors slide completely into the walls, concealing the space when it’s not in use.

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26. Sliding scale

Photographer Bjorg Magnea

Consalvo designed this space for a doctor who works from home full-time.

“The custom-designed desktop space includes plenty of storage and display space against a backdrop of the beautiful city skyline,” Consalvo says. “Metal and glass sliding doors can provide privacy or connectivity to the rest of the home, as desired.” 

27. Cloffice space


“Transforming a closet into a custom-built office niche offers a clever solution, blending functionality with space-saving elegance,” says Heather Knight-Willcock, interior designer and expert for ShopGoodwill.com. “With smart organization tools like floating shelves, fold-out desks and built-in lighting, you can create a workspace tailored to your needs”

28. Detail-oriented

Avery Nicole Photography

A client came to Shelby Van Daley, the principal designer of Daley Home, looking for a feminine workspace.

“The white desk from Noir has a ton of character and detail, and it’s also large to provide ample works space,” Van Daley says. “Adding grasscloth wallpaper provided a great color palette while also adding texture.”

29. Modern-day ‘Mad Men’

Madeline Harper Photography

Van Daley designed this space in a man’s home office so he could sit and sip a cocktail at the end of a workday (Don Draper would approve). The large artwork provides a beautiful backdrop for Zoom calls.

30. Business meets casual

Photographer Madeline Harper Photography

“Offices come in all shapes and sizes,” Van Daley says. “This family didn’t need a full-size office, so we designed a small nook off of their family lounge. This is their informal living room, where they unwind at night, and can also serve as a workspace when needed.”

31. Feather in your cap

Molly Culver Photography

Van Daley wanted to ensure this space packed a punch because it could be seen from the living space. “We added feather wallpaper over the desk and alabaster sconces to create a beautiful space to knock out those last-minute tasks or take care of some bills,” she says.

32. Fun and games

Molly Culver Photography

Van Daley had a blast designing this room for a client who wanted a functional—but not formal—home office.

“This room was right off the dining and living [room areas], so we opted for a dining table in the room that allowed for a great workspace, as well as a great space to catch up with guests or play a round of cards,” she says.

33. Workflow

Molly Culver Photography

This office is set right near the primary bedroom. The aesthetic needed to “flow and build upon the retreat-like feel” Van Daley and her team created in the bedroom.

“It boasts a sofa to relax and read a book, as well as a desk to sit down and take care of any work,” she says. “The motorized drapes allow for optimum lighting control if you need to take a video call.”

34. Movin’ on up

Design Insider

Reclaim an attic space.

“Attic spaces are often underutilized, so why not make them into a quiet, cozy office?” says Amanda Wyatt, the founder of Design Insider. “Even with just a few small windows, attic spaces can also have some of the best light in a house.”

35. Finishing touch

Photographer The English Den

No Murphy bed? No problem.

“Tucking a desk in a guest room is a great way to add a home office without sacrificing the space of an entire room,” says Julia Lauve, an interior designer and the co-founder of WORKSHOP | studio. “When using a variety of furniture pieces in a room like this, we suggest sticking with a few finishes and repeating those textures to create visual continuity.”

36. Peekaboo

Photographer Bonnie Burke

Desks do not need to be made of wood.

“A peekaboo console of glass or acrylic adds a home office workspace without adding a lot of visual weight,” Lauve says.

37. Banquette hall

Photographer The English Den

“Tucking a banquette at the end of a corridor adds a home office to an otherwise unused area,” Lauve says. “Adding a fun wallpaper, like this colorful feather print, offers an interesting and fun background for video calls.”

38. Just delicious

Photographer The English Den

Sticking with the banquette theme, Lauve used it again for a home office situated in a kitchen.

“A clever dining banquette with task lighting provides a perfect work-from-home nook in this eat-in kitchen and living area,” she says.

39. Raise the bar

Photographer The English Den

You can have a little fun with your space when working from home.

“Comfortable barstools at a bar or counter are a great place to work from home,” Lauve says. “We like to use upholstered stools with a back for a little more support. A bar-height counter can also provide a perfect standing desk and a change of scenery for working from home.”

40. Simply simplistic

Photographer Bonnie Burke

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when creating a space for your home office.

“A quiet corner can double as a home office with the right furniture and accessories,” Lauve says. “This clear acrylic console and cane back task chair are both pretty to look at when not in use.”

41. Small, smart and sleek

Photographer Bonnie Burke

Small spaces require some creative thinking to optimize an area.

“A wall-mounted desk with overhead shelving adds clever storage and a work surface to this small-scale living space,” Lauve says. “Sleek design details allow this space to double as both a living area and a very usable home office.”

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42. Built better

MasterBrand Cabinets

Freestanding desks are common but can feel cluttered in a WFH environment. 

“For a more organized environment, consider adding a built-in desk and cabinetry to your home office instead,” says Stephanie Pierce, the director of design and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets. “The additional storage can make it easier to quickly tuck away clutter for a cleaner and more productive workspace.”

43. On the surface


“People often overlook their work surfaces, but they present a great opportunity to maximize functionality in home offices,” says Meghan Howell, the North American design and creative director at Formica Corporation. 

Think writable surfaces, which can transform a wall or desktop into a dry-erase board designed for brainstorming and brain dumps.

44. Sage advice

Courtesy of Valspar

“For workers who thrive in tranquil and focused environments, rich sage hues that draw on the healing power of nature…can create a comfortable and serene setting to focus in when applied to accent walls or nearby accent furniture,” says Sue Kim, the director of color marketing at Valspar.

Kim gravitates loves warm greens like thyme.

45. Double-check

Jana Donohoe Office, Milton & King Wallpaper

Interior designer Jana Donohoe used buffalo check wallpaper from Milton & King in her personal home office.

“Stepping into my revitalized spaces, I’m now greeted with an atmosphere that fosters productivity and creativity,” Donohue says, adding that the “vibrant” greens add to a sense of purpose and style when she enters her workspace.

46. Long game

Douglas Hill Photography

Emily LaMarque, the founder of Emily LaMarque Design Studio, had a mission: design a space in a two-bedroom condo that could function as a place for guests to sleep and an office.

“Rather than placing nightstands on either side of the bed, we opted for a single nightstand and built a custom desk against the wall that provides drawers and concealed storage,” LaMarque says. “The long desk creates ample workspace, and when guests come, the clutter can easily be stored away.”

47. Be bold

Douglas Hill Photography

While some may prefer muted, tranquil hues, LaMarque says you aren’t limited to these colors—be playful if you wish.

“A home office is the perfect place to get bold and play with colors and patterns that might feel like too much for the rest of the house,” LaMarque says.

48. Small concepts

Douglas Hill Photography

For this project, LaMarque and her client set up a (small) shop in an underused spot in the primary bedroom, “complete with a cozy window seat with storage drawers underneath. 

“The floating shelves provide opportunity for display while the cabinet doors cover up less sightly tools like printers, shredders and paperwork,” LaMarque says.

49. Corner office

Douglas Hill Photography

Regardless of where you sit on the org chart, your home office can be a corner one.

“This home office features a small built-in corner desk with both upper and lower storage to maximize the small space,” LaMarque says. “Open shelves soften the space by providing opportunities to showcase fun accessories. A sleeper sofa opposite the desk offers a cozy spot to read while also easily transforming to accommodate overnight guests.”

50. Elevate your credenza

Douglas Hill Photography

Promote your credenza from the entryway.

“By adding a pair of matching credenzas and a freestanding writing desk to a blank room, we created a home office that’s both playful and efficient,” LaMarque says. 

And well lit.

51. Bright ideas

Douglas Hill Photography

“Bright colors in the artwork, rug and accessories break up boring office monotony, and graphic patterned drapes add a luxurious feel and soften the floor-to-ceiling windows,” LaMarque says.

52. In sync 

Douglas Hill Photography

There’s multi-functional, and then there’s this challenge faced by LaMarque: She was tasked with designing a home office that doubled as a recording studio. 

“Versatility was key,” she says. “We created a separate sound space closed off by the door, but for the main office area, we laid out many different functional zones. A long multi-purpose desk serves for both computer tasks and music equipment, a cafe spot allow for coffee and collaboration, a small cabinet conceals both fridge and pantry for refreshments and a TV and gaming lounge is a communal hang spot.”

53. Family-friendly 

Diana Koenigsberg Photography

A kitchen office space offers convenience for work-from-home caregivers.

“Having a desk in the kitchen can be an easy and accessible spot to create a workspace at home,” LaMarque says. “Whether freestanding or built-in, a worktop and a few drawers can provide a central family hub for tasks from homework to paying bills.”

54. Break time

Charlotte Lea Photography

Your home office should totally have a break room—or at least a spot to chill for a second after back-to-back meetings that could’ve been emails.

“For a work break or a quick rest, consider adding a cozy chair to your office,” LaMarque says. “A lounge-y, occasional chair is a great office spot to close your eyes for a few moments, take a phone call or get a change of pace in your workday.”

55. Think pink

Interior Design & Photo Styling: O’Hara Interiors, Remodel, Knight Construction, Photography: Spacecrafting Photography

Perks of WFH: You get to pick your favorite color to work with. In this case, it was pink.

“[Pink] complements the softness and calmness of the workspace,” says Kate O’Hara of O’Hara Interiors. “The furniture, artwork, and cool-toned grey built-ins are all strategically placed to enhance the overall aesthetic.”

56. Make room for collaboration 

Interior Design & Photo Styling: O’Hara Interiors, Builder: Tomlinson Schultz, Architect: Craftwell Architecture, Photography: Spacecrafting Photography

Who says you can’t collaborate or be productive from home?

“This home office space was created to allow for individual and collaborative work,” O’Hara says. “Whether seated at the desk or in the comfortable lounge area, productivity is the main focus. Furthermore, the homeowner required ample storage and display options for their beloved book collection.”

57. With a view

Interior Design & Photo Styling: O’Hara Interiors, Remodel: MDS Remodeling, Photography: Spacecrafting Photography

“This beautiful office space boasts a stunning view of a private wooded area,” O’Hara says. “With tall windows along three walls, the area is peaceful and ideal for work. The central desk and several comfortable chairs, along with a storage console, all contribute to the productivity within this office design.”

58. Plant-based


Bring the outdoors in by adding some plants to your home office.

“Plants are like little bursts of energy and life in your workspace,” says Devin Shaffer, an interior designer with Decorilla. “They not only look great but also help clean the air and create a more relaxed vibe. Pick out a few low-maintenance plants that you love, and watch your space come alive.”

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59. Integrity in design

Donna Dotan Photography

A good quality in a colleague and a home is integrity. 

“In this traditional Tudor home, we respected the integrity of the architecture by designing custom built-ins to reflect the style of the home with a subtle, Tudor-arch detail,” says Claire Paquin, the founder of Clean Design. “The open shelving allows for the display of the client’s favorite objects, and the closed cabinets below allow for ample storage for office supplies and files.”

60. Architectural details

Donna Dotan Photography

Taking a step back from No. 59 reveals a stunning entry to the home office. Paquin and her team designed custom French doors with stained glass windows in varying shades of blue “to enclose the room and give the homeowner privacy as she worked.”

61. Reach for the stars

Photographer Regan Wood

Paquin suggests sunsetting the idea that an office is an “all work, no play” environment.

“Sometimes you need a place to take a break and reflect,” Paquin says. “In this space, we added a comfortable lounge chair and ottoman where the homeowner can pause during a busy work day. In addition, the client loves astronomy, so we included a telescope for stargazing.”

62. Work of art

Photographer Regan Wood

“The home office should be inspiring, so it is important to include artwork that inspires you and makes you happy,” Paquin says.

63. Get funky

Photographer Regan Wood

Paquin loves the idea of adding unexpected hardware, like a multi-color animal statue.

“Adding great hardware is like accessorizing with amazing jewelry,” she says.

64. Minimalist chic 

Donna Dotan Photography

Sometimes, straightforward—with a touch of spunk—is best.

“In this home office, we used a beautiful blue on the walls and minimal design in the space,” Paquin says. “The client wanted a clean space with minimal clutter.”

65. Au natural

Photographer Kyle J. Caldwell

Elana T. Cline, the founder of Carta Creatives, loves the idea of an office with natural surroundings and light, so she designed her own at-home workspace to reflect that.

“In my home office, I love that the room is open and airy with high ceilings and tons of natural light,” Cline says. “I played with scale by including an organic and gorgeous overhead light.”

66. Modern minimalist

Just Value Doors Ltd.

Another vote for minimalism. This whitewashed space offers a different riff on the aesthetic than the one in No. 64.

“This office is characterized by its clean lines and absence of clutter, which helps in maintaining a clear mind,” says Chris Langley, the visionary director of Just Value Doors Ltd. and an interior designer. “The furniture is sleek and functional, with a white desk and subtly elegant accessories. High-contrast elements, such as a bold black lamp or monochrome artwork, add visual interest without overwhelming the space.”

67. Dog-friendly workplace

Photographer Angela O’Brien

As a professional organizer, Enneagram coach and podcast host, Angela O’Brien says she spends most of her working hours at her desk. She has a very special co-host: A four-year-old German Pinscher named Coco. Coco isn’t pictured (sadly), but peep her bed. 

“She works hard by sleeping through my recordings and alerting me when the doorbell rings,” says O’Brien, the founder of Your Space Reclaimed. “She deserves a comfortable space, too, and therefore has a designated spot for her dog bed just close enough for an occasional pat on the head.”

68. Secretly sentimental

Photographer Angela O’Brien

Working from home gives you space to be authentic and curate a space that matches. O’Brien added personal elements to her husband’s office when designing it.

“To appease my husband’s secretly sentimental side, we added a beautiful piece from Pottery Barn that displays all of his most cherished items from his past,” O’Brien says.

69. Make a statement


The color scheme may be neutral in this office, but the patterns stand out.

“We see circles and dots taking off in office spaces, making a bold statement,” Simcox says. “Add circle or dot-shaped rugs or accents to your home office to foster creativity.” 

70. Mad for plaid


Plaid isn’t just for school uniforms—it’s a trend Simcox has noticed.

“Update your office with a modern twist on the traditional by incorporating plaid or large square shapes,” she says. “It creates a timeless feel while being fresh and new.”

71. Hybrid

Photographer Lisa Romerin

So…your workspace is in your bedroom, even though conventional wisdom advises keeping them separate. 

“We added various throw blankets and pillows to make the area more inviting and feel connected to the comfort of the overall space,” says Joshua Smith, the principal and founder of Joshua Smith Inc., who emphasizes prioritizing calm and comfort in a home office.

 72. Happier hours

Photographer Paige Rumore

Brad Ramsey, the principal and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors, says that the study was one of his favorite spaces for a specific client project.

“It features custom wood paneling and an attached bar,” Ramsey says. “While there is a functioning desk space and a built-in cabinet with filing and storage, the room serves more as a den with a generous seating area. The client’s guitars occupy the corner, designating this as a space to work hard, but also to unwind and indulge in hobbies.”

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73. On-brand

Photographer Life Created

“Not only is this office part of my home, but it is also the headquarters of the Living with Lolo team,” says Lauren Lerner, the CEO and founder of Living with Lolo. “The modern, contemporary design beautifully blends my personal home aesthetic with the firm’s statement aesthetic. Ample space allows the team to spread out during brainstorming, with a connected room divided by a glass door with beautiful detailing for those moments that require solo focus.”

74. So moody

Photographer Jenifer McNeil Baker

Eddie Maestri, the principal architect and owner of Maestri Studio, loves that this office is moody but not too dark.

“The differing textures at play on the desk, the light fixture, the rug and the sideboard keep the room from feeling too one-dimensional despite its monochromatic scheme,” Maestri says. “The sliding library ladder adds old-world sophistication.”

75. Shared spaces

Paige Rumore Photography

Sometimes, homeowners must strike a balance between masculine and feminine energy. Such was the case when Ramsey worked with a couple.

“She wanted this office to be a pretty space that could be somewhat masculine, but not overly,” Ramsey says. “She also wanted all of the ‘officey’ things hidden away. He wanted it to be functional and have easy access to everything he needed.”

The power of compromise, right? 

“We were able to provide him with lots of filing as well as pull-outs for a printer and a shredder hidden in the base cabinets,” Ramsey says. “In the upper cabinets, we installed custom decorative brass wire mesh to hide all of the books that he wanted to house that were not necessarily attractive. We balanced that with some open shelves for decorative items.”

76. Hidden hacks

Photographer Zeke Ruelas

Must-haves like printers and tech gear are a necessary evil, but can crowd a space.

“The extra-long Vanguard Furniture sideboard has a hidden filing system as well as pull-out trays for printers, shredders and unattractive electronics to be neatly tucked away,” Ramsey says. “This allows clients to have all that they need at their fingertips without it crowding the space when they want to grab a book and just relax.”.

77. Black at it

Photographer Life Created

Lerner says this space was all about productivity and chicness. Be sure to look up.

“We painted the ceiling black for a bold statement and paired it with marble mosaic tile flooring,” Lerner says. “The brass light fixture is the jewelry of the space. The bookshelves are functional for organizing office supplies and can act as a fun, styled background for Zoom calls.”

78. Welcome to the jungle

Photographer Jenifer McNeil Baker

This custom desk was built right beside a funky wall covering, and Maestri said it was important to curate accents that went with the space’s “playful energy.”

Yet, function was important too. “The sconce allows efficient task lighting without capitalizing valuable desk space in this small nook,” Maestri says.

79. Support team

Photographer Life Created

The decor is great, but be sure to prioritize comfort and function (without sacrificing style).

“An ergonomic chair to support good posture and sufficient task lighting are next on the list of musts,” Lerner says. “Although it’s optional, we added a mirror to this space to help reflect light and brighten the corner, as well as provide an easy way for that quick-check before hopping into video calls.” 

80. Executive functioning

Photographer Life Created

“This home office was designed for our male client,” Lerner says. “He wanted an executive-feeling office with lots of room for book storage. Adding the ladder instantly makes the office feel elevated and allows the top bookshelves to be accessible easily.”

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