8 reading corner trends for 2024 to make your home more cozy


More and more of us are turning unused space in our homes into cozy reading corners. With just a few simple furniture additions, you can give an unloved corner a new lease of life, turning it into a cozy nook and peaceful escape where you can curl up with a good read. The popularity of reading corners in the home coincides with the evolving perception of homes as spaces to relax, and a moving shift towards holistic interiors – an ethos that focuses on the psychological and spiritual wellbeing of the homeowner. 

I for one am a big fan of the reading corner, and whether you have a large unused space in your living room or a small slither of window going spare, any space, no matter the size, can be given a reading corner makeover. There are some essentials when it comes to your reading nook – a cozy armchair, bookshelf, coffee table and lamp to name a few items of non-negotiable furniture. 


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