41 Best furniture stores UK 2024: Where to buy furniture

  • Best furniture store for soft furnishings: The White Company, at thewhitecompany.com
  • Best furniture stores for desks, dressing tables and chairs: Oliver Bonas, at oliverbonas.com
  • Best mattress store: Simba, at simbasleep.com
  • Best garden furniture store: John Lewis & Partners, at johnlewis.com
  • Best luxury furniture store: Soho Home, at sohohome.com
  • Best furniture store for unique statement pieces: LuxDeco, at luxdeco.com
  • Best second-hand furniture store: eBay, at ebay.co.uk
  • Best affordable furniture store: Zara Home, at zarahome.com
  • Best furniture store for Pinterest-friendly pieces: Urban Outfitters, at urbanoutfitters.com
  • Best Pottery Barn alternative: West Elm, at westelm.co.uk

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When you’re shopping for furniture, the sales are really where you want to be directing your attention, especially if you’re about to invest in something pricier like a sofa or bed frame. And luckily for you, sale season is well underway. From the best mattress sales at our favourite mattress stores to sofa sales, look no further for peak money-saving opportunities.

When’s the best time of year to buy furniture?

Furniture shopping isn’t always friendly to your bank balance, naturally, because most pieces you’ll be looking for are major investments. The trick? Knowing when the best furniture sales are. Normally, the biggest sale periods for most items tend to fall around the Black Friday, Boxing Day and January sales periods, making that a great time to look out for mattress deals, or to get a good discount on something larger like a dining table. Plenty of brands also regularly have clearance sales towards the end of each season, meaning you can look to invest in garden furniture towards the end of the summer, and might find a better deal on cosier, more homely items as we head into spring.

Where is the best place to buy good furniture?

If you’re not quite sure exactly what style of furniture you’re after, or just want to browse somewhere with plenty of choices, John Lewis & Partners and Soho Home both have extensive furniture collections with pieces that tap into different aesthetics and suit different budgets. It’s also worth taking a look at different furniture stores for different rooms; we’d recommend Simba for bedroom furniture, Soho Home for your dining room and Heal’s for the living room. To make sure you know all the best places to shop, we’ve included a range of stores below that cover just about every style, type, and price point of furniture on the market.

What company sells the best furniture?

It’s hard to pin down one furniture store as the best overall place to buy the best furniture, as it all depends on your budget, aesthetic, and your preference of design styles. But if we had to choose, we’d say Soho Home is one of the best places for all-round furniture shopping, with good quality pieces that have a luxury feel and are made to last. For bedroom items, Simba and John Lewis can really come through, while Heal’s and Swoon have a beautiful selection of living room pieces and sofas. We’ve gone through all of our favourite stores below, with options for every budget, and covering all personal preferences from industrial and contemporary interiors to more rustic, mid-century, vintage and traditional looks.

Where do people buy furniture in the UK?

While there are plenty of great markets, antique stores and vintage furniture stores in the UK, if you’re after something quite specific or a new piece, shopping for furniture online can often be your best bet. In the UK, there’s now a wide range of retailers available to shop from, and your budget, your personal style preferences, and whether you’re looking for large pieces like bed frames, dining tables and mattresses, or smaller bits like rugs, wall art, and desk lamps, will really determine the best places to shop. We’ve included a comprehensive list of furniture stores below, as well as some detailed insights into what you should look to them for.

Is it better to buy furniture online?

Shopping for furniture in person and online both have different benefits and disadvantages. In person, you can personally ‘try on’ the furniture for yourself, meaning you’ll be able to get a good sense of the materials, the quality, the design, and how comfortable it is, all of which can sometimes look different in photos. And if you manage to stumble across a smaller, more vintage store, you might find some really rare and unique bits that you wouldn’t have managed to track down online. The disadvantage, however, is that it’s time-consuming. And chances are, you’ll have to place an order afterwards anyway unless you happen to be able to carry home a dining table with you.


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