The living room is more often than not used as a multipurpose space, for parties and TV viewing. But with the inclusion of books, this space also emerges as a mini reading room, perfect for ‘me time’ and contemplation.

So what elements help transition this room from a party hub to a restful lounging room? We asked top designers to tell us the three most important elements that can make a living room the perfect reading spot. Here’s what they had to say.

A Place for Pause

A living room with a floor to ceiling built in library unit

(Image credit: Jason Schmidt. Studio credit Delson or Sherman Architects pc)

The presence of books inside the living room helps seamlessly transition this space from a busy, hectic, socialization room into one that encourages a moment to pause and enjoy quietude. ‘I think a reading room within a living room offers a peaceful, relaxing moment, somewhere where you can get lost in a book but also where you can sit and be with your thoughts,’ says George King, founder of George King Architects.


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