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2024’s Latest Decor Trend is Beyonce-Approved

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world has gone cowboy crazy in 2024. Everyone from Bella Hadid to Beyonce is embracing the country aesthetic across pop culture, while – much to our delight – the likes of Dolly Parton and Shania Twain are gracing music festival lineups once more.

Naturally, that means a progression into interiors, too – thankfully in a more diluted, palatable way than some of the fashion interpretations you might have spotted on red carpets recently. If you’re keen to escape the cowboy boot craze and prefer to reserve your stetson for authentic uses only, why not infuse your interiors with a touch of this Western decor trend instead?

With Pinterest identifying the darker, moodier spin-off, Western Gothic, as one of the top interior design trends for 2024, a modern take on this classic style is certainly making its way into our homes during our next circle around the sun. From heavy leather and rustic longhorns to cowhide rugs and fringed throws, get ready to step into the saloon and welcome the Wild West into your space.

To find out how to embrace this latest interior design trend without feeling kitsch or cliche, we spoke with some designers to find out how they’re bringing cowboy chic into their latest projects so you can take note. Here’s what they had to say.

What is the ‘Western’ Decor Trend?

a neutral living room with cowhide rugs

(Image credit: Christopher Stark. Design: Lark + Palm)

Merging Americana styles and taking heavy inspiration from country themes, we’ve seen various iterations of the Westen decor trend in the past year, from Coastal Cowgirl to Western Gothic. Drawing from natural materials like wood, leather, and jute, and featuring earthy, grounding color palettes, there’s a certain timeless quality to the style that’s clear in this year’s living room trends. It needn’t be reserved for sprawling farmhouses or ranch-style homes, either. Many designers are infusing the style into the contemporary for a look that’s fitting for even the most urban apartments.

For Shelagh Conway of Austin TX-based Triple Heart Design, Western decor is about raw minimalism and organic elements. ‘The Western aesthetic has an authenticity about it and allows us to get comfy, like a ripped pair of jeans and a good pair of cowboy boots,’ she says. ‘It represents the power of nature and our integration with it from horses to tumbleweeds.’

‘The Western Aesthetic brings an element of warmth, with loads of natural texture, lending it to that “lived in” feeling,’ agrees interior designer Ashley Montgomery, who recently transformed The June Motel in Ontario’s Beaver Valley by rejuvenating Mid-Century relics for a space that captures the essence of country charm. ‘Think plaids, wool, dark greens/blues/burgundy with natural woods and worn leather.’

(Image credit: Photography: Lauren Miller / Design: Ashley Montgomery)

So, why the resurgence of such an old-timey Western trend? In all respects it’s a step back to a bygone era, paying homage to American heritage that’s disappeared from popular designs and public image in recent years. But, like many that came before, the return of Western decor can be traced back to the cyclical nature of trends.

‘If, like me, you are old enough to have lived through the last go-round of this trend in the 1980s, then you will be wise enough to embrace this trend sparingly if you live outside of a desert climate,’ says Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors. She has a few words of advice when it comes to adapting the style to the modern day, too. ‘Go ahead and have fun with rust-colored accessories, and chunky handwoven textiles, but steer clear of plaster finishes and Saltillo tile floors if your zip code doesn’t start a 5 or higher.’

According to Ashley, another reason for the popularity of cowboy chic is a reactionary one. ‘Many people are no longer interested in all-white, sterile spaces,’ she says. ‘A curated home feels more personal and I think that the Western look tends to that feeling. It allows for the opportunity to bring in special collected pieces without feeling the need to match everything.’

Inevitably, of course, there are also the connotations that come with the classic American dream associated with this trend – values that feel more important than ever in 2024. ‘Freedom, expression, and wildness all have an appeal to us as we step into our authentic selves,’ says Shelagh. ‘This year is all about finding yourself!’ Similar to the Mid-Century Modern style, the distinct decor trend feels classic and timeless, while also being easily adaptable.

How should we introduce the Western Decor trend into our homes?

(Image credit: Jennifer Hughes)

If you’re raring to bring a touch of Western into your home, our best advice is to avoid being too on the nose. Infusing a few stereotypical items can be done tastefully, but steer well clear of the cliche.

‘We always love bringing in antique artwork with interesting frames and stoneware such as vases, and bowls for decor,’ notes Ashley. ‘Pair upholstered furniture in a fabric that has a more masculine pattern (like a leather or dark solid color) with patterned drapery in a plaid, gingham, or subtle floral. Having quality window treatments and furniture is something that should always be considered when adding to a space, too. Don’t be afraid to mix wood tones (just make sure they all have the same warm undertone) while vintage side tables or accent chairs will make a space feel more interesting and curated.’

Similarly, Shelagh recommends elements borrowed from nature that have a vintage appeal. ‘Leather, wood, stone, cactus, and woven fabrics worn a little bit from nature, but still going strong,’ she suggests. ‘Dried flowers and branches in worn vases, for example, or an unexpected container like a water trough.’

To make your own mark and avoid an overly literal interpretation of the trend, Shelagh also urges us to choose elements that reflect our own taste and personality. ‘It’s really fun to lean into a trend, but have elements that can transition from trend to trend,’ she advises. ‘For instance, I love hide rugs, and always incorporate them into my home, regardless of my overarching style. Blending is key. Also, shop thrift stores or garage sales to find pieces that have an age-old beauty to them. Mix and match!’

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